Price Smart Course Map

This event is organized by the famed PriceSmart Runners, The 6th 10K, 5K + Kids Walk & Run will be held on Sunday August 29th, 2021! The event will be located at a lavish boatyard marina, Varadero, in Oranjestad. The event begins in the early morning cool before sunrise at 5:30am for 10K runners, the cusp of sunrise at 6:00am for 5K runners and lastly at 7:00am for Youth & Kids.

              The 10K will start at Zeerovers and follow the coast north, finishing at Varadero. The 5K will start at WEB and follow the same track as the 10K, finally also finishing at Varadero. All other races will take on a down-and-back, traveling south for half of their distance and then finishing at Varadero. 

              We are excited to see you there!


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