Aruba Virtual Half Marathon

In the month of March the Aruba Virtual Half Marathon took place, it started on the 18th of March and had a duration of 4 days. It was the 35th edition of its kind, and was unfortunately a postponed event of March last year. There was a total of 136 individual participants and 67 relay teams (4 runners) per team. Ages for half ranged from 18 years and up and the distance of Half Marathon is 21 KM, when ran in relay team it would be a 5 KM.

The event itself was a virtual run, registered participants had the option to choose out of four possible dates. In each date they had to choose one of the two possible routes given as well as the time in which they were going to complete the run. This event was not part of the Patrishi Ranking, however there was great collaboration between Patrishi Sports and IBiSA.

Due to updated government regulations for the COVID pandemic there were protocols that had to be followed to ensure the event was carried out safely. There were various press conferences set to explain the protocols to the public. During the event there was constant control on the routes by IBiSA personal to ensure participants were following given COVID protocols. IBiSA had also set up water posts and the Red Cross was also present.

Participants seemed eager to start and there were teams who registered at the same location so that they could carry out this run with each other, of course socially distanced. 

In the individual Overall Female Winners were in 3rd Mileydys Verdecia, 2nd Amadee Nicolaas and 1st Lana Gobert. In the individual Overall Male Winners were in 3rd Ruliano Bernabela, 2nd Alexander Hodge and 1st Rick James.  

In the Relay Winners the female corporate winners there we had Running Beauties (2:00:58), in the male winners we had  AAA Team 1 (1:33:33), and in the mix corporate relay winner we have AC Delco (2:06:47). For the open relay the winner was Train Hard Race Easy (1:12:22) and the winner for the student relay was AMR Girls – Colegio Arubano (1:28:39).

All in all, the 35th Aruba Half Marathon was a success and we hope to see our runners next year!


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