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Juaquin Van Trigt

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iRun Aruba Purpose

iRun Aruba's Description

iRun Aruba was founded on January 1st 2015 and is a running organization. The purpose of iRun Aruba is to motivate the activity of running between its members and share mutual passion for the sport with the community by organizing fun walks/runs and races and giving back to the community.

iRun Aruba's Mission

Our mission is to share our passion for running with each other and to motivate and help our running members and friends to achieve individual running goals. We strive to create a positive atmosphere within our team and keep our organization small but dynamic.

iRun Aruba's Goals

iRun Aruba is a team of sports enthusiasts who are dedicated to improving their running performance through various training programs and cross-training activities. At the same time iRun Aruba wants to give back to our community by organizing fun walks/runs and races in order to share the love for the sport, raise awareness of the benefits of running and raise funds for team participation at destination races and donate to specific charities.


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