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Team Leader

Carlos Olivares

Alive Running Team Aruba Team Members

Alive Running Team Aruba Purpose

Alive Running Team Aruba's Description

ARTA is a running team that provide low-cost running program for their athletes under the coaching of Mr. Carlos Olivares. On 21 September 2020, the Alive Running Team Aruba Foundation, in development since June 2017, has been legally established by civil-law notary Mr. Theodore Reuben Johnson LLM in Aruba.


The Alive Running Team Aruba Foundation aims to:

Promote and stimulate the so-called “Running” among the inhabitants (athletes) of Aruba, in order to keep them active and to promote their well-being, health and all other activities that are related or may be conducive to the foregoing in the broadest sense of the words.


Our objectives comprise:

  • Provide opportunities for youth and young runners to be active, fit and healthy.
  • Bring our youth, young and adults closer together through common interests in sportsmanship and competition.
  • Remove economic barriers impeding participation in races internationally.
  • Teach sportsmanship, teamwork and accountability, build character and discipline as well as the love of sport.
  • Encourage runners to have respect for the training routines, the races, to others and themselves.


The Board of ARTA consist of 3 board members:

  • President: Mrs. Louella Croes-Ras
  • Secretary: Mrs. Miriam Navarro Contreras
  • Treasurer: Mrs. Vivian Angela

Our motto is One Family One Team One Goal!

Alive Running Team Aruba's Mission

Our mission is to unite runners of every level of ability and interest, promoting good health, friendship and companionship, and training ideas, while encouraging participation in all types of running events.

Alive Running Team Aruba's Goals

ARTA strives to be one of the best running club in Aruba. We strive for quality, not quantity. Our goal is to learn and grow through our shared experience, and to leave no runner behind.


24 Team Members
19 Overall Wins
39 Category Wins
4 Orange Jersey
0 Blue Jersey
1 Red Jersey
6 White Jersey


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