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Jareth Vermeulen

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ViperStrong's Description

We are a non-centralized group of devoted young professionals looking to change the way Aruba's community sees sport and the garnering of future generations of sports-enthusiasts. We are located at Cunucu297, where we organize most of our events. We have different types of ViperStrong members, from active members to, volunteers, supporters, star athletes, athletes, coaches and honorary members. In 2020 we have begun giving group lessons, group training and private coaching.

ViperStrong's Mission

Create an environment where athletes have enough support to compete in their sports discipline of choosing. Support in all aspects: spiritual, emotional, psychical and funding by way of sponsoring. The aim of the ViperStrong academy, registered as fundacion pa coscientisa hubentud, is to further discipline athletes in sportsmanship, character building, community inclusion and networking as a professional young athlete with focus towards a bright future as a prominent member of the Aruban community. We create role models and we are role models for the future generations.

ViperStrong's Goals

Being an organized and recognized academy, with a clubhouse and terrain where to further expand the mission we aim to achieve. To have enough coaches, teachers and role models to guide the future generations on the mission we believe in. Garner any and all potential members to dream big, aim to the sky and set their goals in a positive and healthy manner. The organization will grow to have possibilities for all sports disciplines to train and receive coaching, and have the opportunity to receive sponsoring for future growth of the star athletes and organizational logistics as a whole. Our complete vision is for 2022 we have a definite operations building, with training's area and classrooms. For the goal of educating, training and coaching.


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